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Treat Toy for Pets

Treat Toy for Pets

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Is your cat or dog lacking motivation to get off the couch?

Get them motivated and moving with just one swipe of a paw!

Introducing the  Treat Toy for Pets; a fun way to get your cats and dogs playing again. Perfect for training your new puppy or kitten too!


No doubt, we all love our pet cuddles and snuggles!  But sometimes, that's just not enough. As pet owners, we always need to be looking for new ways to stimulate our pets to keep them active and healthy!

Here are just some of the benefits that the  Treat Toy for Pets offers, in addition to putting a smile on your face while watching your clever pet interact with this innovative treat toy:

? Excellent training tool that's fun and rewarding for pets of all ages! 

? Gets your pet excited and motivated to play and explore.  

? Improves their physical fitness and IQ.

? Reduces your pet's anxiety with positive reinforcement. 


Convenient Features:

? Easy set-up with a powerful suction cup for floor, window or wall.

? Strong, sturdy toy that can withstand hours of play with multiple pets.

? Interactive wheel rotates 360 degrees for constant motion and fun!

 Perfect birthday or special occasion gift for your pet or other pet lovers!  



Material: Made from sturdy ABS

Size: 163x138x74mm

Weight: 180g

Package Includes: 

1 x  Treat Toy for Pets

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